Arrested Uber France executives will stand trial on September 30th

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Arrested Uber France executives will stand trial on September 30th

The two Uber executives who were arrested yesterday will stand trial on September 30th, according to Reuters. Uber France CEO Thibaud Simphal and European GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty stand accused of running an illegal ride-sharing service, as well as "concealing digital documents" from the authorities. The service in question is UberPOP, which connects passengers to amateur drivers, something that's angered the nation's professional taxi drivers.

There's been a long-standing fight between France and the company and after pressure from licensed taxi drivers, the service was made illegal in January. However, a constitutional court gave the company a stay of execution while the decision was referred higher up the judicial chain. In the meantime, more violent protests have erupted and, last week, authorities decided to commence seizing UberPOP vehicles. It's not the only place in Europe where Uber is a dirty word, with the company facing plenty of anger in both the UK and Germany.

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