Special 'Destiny' PS4 is another expensive bundle option

If you're a hardcore Destiny fan, it's been a rough couple weeks. First, Bungie announced the game's next big expansion, then it revealed some of its content would be exclusive to a pricey $80 collector's edition -- even if you already owned the base game. There was anger, rebellion, Red Bull product tie-ins (no, really) and, eventually, a mea culpa that made the exclusive content available to everyone as separate DLC. Huzzah! Now Destiny players can get everything without buying content twice. Well, unless they want the limited edition Destiny PlayStation 4 -- then they're screwed again.

Okay, technically the Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle is already the complete package -- buyers get a copy of Destiny, both of its initial expansions (The Dark Below and House of Wolves) and The Taken King, plus a digital upgrade to the collector's edition and its formerly-exclusive content. As far as the game is concerned, that's everything -- but completionist collectors are still missing out on the physical aspects of The Taken King Collector's Edition, including the set's steel-book case, replica Strange Coin, modified Treasure Island Book and physical relics and artifacts.

A nitpick? Absolutely. An outrage? Not at all. A problem for Destiny super-fans who want all the collectibles and a 500GB custom white and silver PS4 emblazoned with a golden guardian's crest? Oh yeah. Still, if you have to have everything (or just want a special PS4) this bundle will be available on September 15th.