Vine for iOS updated with HD video uploads

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We've adjusted to watching each other's lives six-seconds at a time, but Vine's shareable moments always come across a little ...blurry. Thankfully, the short-video service is fixing that: as of today, folks using the Vine app on iOS will have access to a new HD quality option. Love it. Use it. Save all of our eyes.

The new quality setting can be found in the app's settings menu under "Your Content," but it's not the first time Vine has bumped up video quality. In March, the service announced a slow rollout to "high quality" videos, bumping up videos to 720p from 480p. Vine didn't clarify what was different about the HD videos in this update, but we've reached out for specifics. In the meantime, please enjoy this high-quality Vine of one of Engadget's many cats:

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