Recommended Reading: Science fiction's influence on hip-hop music

Billy Steele
B. Steele|07.11.15

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Recommended Reading: Science fiction's influence on hip-hop music

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The Subversive Science Fiction of Hip-Hop
by Rose Eveleth

I'd never really thought about all of the science fiction references in hip-hop until I read Rose Eveleth's piece for Motherboard that pointed out all of the ties. I listen to a lot of hip-hop, but for some reason, all of the mentions of sci-fi stuff -- from superheroes to dystopia and our human limits -- only got a passing glance from me. This offers a solid look at all of the crossover and serves as further proof that nerdery is universal.

Streaming Music Has an Offline Problem
David Pierce, Wired

In a time of data caps and battery woes, being able to play music from streaming services that you pay for monthly is a must. Unfortunately, the experience as it stands is rather messy.

Let's Explore the Corrupt Town that Inspired 'True Detective'
Tom Ley, The Concourse

No, the city of Vinci, California, in True Detective season 2 isn't real. However, it was inspired by a real place, and this piece offers the back story.

Why Tomorrow's Best Digital Experiences Will Feel Analog
Christian Cantrell, Fast Company

The use of natural materials on our devices is becoming ever popular. Wood, leather and more have all made an appearance, and their inclusion could change how we relate to our gadgets.

Inside Amazon's Warehouse, Human-Robot Symbiosis
Will Knight, MIT Technology Review

Can humans and robots work together? Amazon is looking to find out inside its new warehouse where automation and old-fashioned elbow grease are being put to work side by side.

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