Spotify account leads cops to alleged child abductors

Authorities tracked down two children in Mexico thanks to their alleged abductors' Spotify habit, according to the Coloradoan. The 4- and 6-year-old girls were reportedly taken from Colorado by Peter Barr and Brittany Nunn after Nunn, their mother, lost a custody battle in court. Authorities were unable to find them until Sheriff's investigator Drew Weber tried a decidedly new-school tactic. Nunn was apparently a Spotify user, so Weber demanded a search warrant for her account and tracked it to an IP address in Mexico.

He also tracked Nunn's Netflix account, and eventually found her in Cabo San Lucas after she received a package there. Authorities then watched the couple for months while they worked out how to extradite the fugitives and get the children safely home. They were eventually arrested in Cabo San Lucas and brought back to the US, where they're awaiting custody violation charges in Larimer County. The children were reunited with their fathers last week, with one saying "I just hugged her. It was just a surreal moment."