Walmart counters Amazon's 'Prime Day' with its own sale


Walmart wasn't about to let Amazon have all the fun. Not long after the online retailer announced its Prime Day sale, which is said to offer more deals than Black Friday, Walmart is saying that it will have discounts of its own online. According to USA Today, this month over 2,000 web-exclusive Rollback deals are expected to be available across multiple categories, including baby and home products as well as electronics and toys. In addition to this, Walmart's also going to reduce the free-shipping order minimum from $50 to $35 for "at least" the next 30 days -- and that's starting next Monday. This isn't the first time Walmart has tried to catch up to Amazon, though. Last year, the company started matching Amazon's prices at brick-and-mortar stores, after it became apparent that the business was losing ground to its internet rival.

[Image credit: JeepersMedia/Flickr]