Cash Money hits Tidal with $50 million lawsuit over Lil Wayne album


Tidal dropped Lil Wayne's The Free Weezy Album on July 4th, and doing so may cost the streaming service $50 million. According to TMZ, Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne's label, is suing Tidal claiming that it owns the rights to all of the artist's material since he is still under contract. This isn't the first spat between the rapper and the label, as Lil Wayne has been in a battle with Cash Money over the release of his album Tha Carter V. In the lawsuit, Cash Money claims that it has exclusive rights to the music and that Tidal's actions were a "a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service."

The label also denies Tidal's claim that Lil Wayne gave permission for the service to use the album in exchange for part ownership of the company, again arguing that he doesn't control the licensing rights to his music. The lawsuit also mentions The Free Weezy Album hasn't wowed critics, and Cash Money admitted that it could potentially take a loss on it after "tepid reviews." What's more, Tidal's exclusivity on FWA only lasted about a week as it's already made its way to other services like Spotify.

[Image credit: HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images]