XBMC's Kodi media player officially hits the Play Store

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Steve Dent
July 22, 2015 9:45 AM
XBMC's Kodi media player officially hits the Play Store

Kodi's media player got a name change last year and now it has something even better -- official Android status. The app formerly known as XBMC is now available on the Google Play store for all takers. It actually arrived to the store last month in beta form, but prior to that could only be sideloaded on Android. Version 15 (codenamed Isengard) now supports Android 5-specific features like 4K and variable refresh rates on certain Android TV devices, like NVIDIA's Shield. Another new trick on all platforms is "adaptive seeking" that lets you search material faster by tapping a key several times.

There's also new audio and subtitle lists, an updated add-on manager, improved video queuing and better live TV closed-captioning. It has other minor tweaks and fixes (check the source), and the XBMC foundation said that the next release would support DirectX 11. You can grab the app now on Google Play, but just remember that Kodi is a deep app, so leave yourself some time (and possibly some help) to get it working.

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