JXE Streams: talking family with Batgirl in 'Arkham Knight'

Even if your only exposure to the Batman mythos is through the excellent Arkham series of games by developer Rocksteady, (especially the latest, Arkham Knight) you're pretty familiar with Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara. She's one of the constant voices in The Dark Knight's ear, and with the recent release of Knight's first downloadable episode we finally get to step into her shoes as Batgirl as she goes up against The Joker. How's it all play out? Your guess is as good as mine because I'm going in totally blind on PlayStation 4 starting at 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific.

Tune in right here, at and on to catch two straight hours of Batgirl shenanigans and my poor attempt at reconciling my crush on Mark Hamill's iconic Crown Prince of Crime despite the awful things he's done to the Gordon family.

JXE Streams: Talking Family with Batgirl in 'Arkham Knight'