'Rick and Morty' Instagram game is an interstellar treasure hunt

Adult Swim has added one more weird experience to its warehouse of silly yet generally entertaining video games based on its television shows: Rick and Morty Rickstaverse, a hidden-object game that takes place entirely on Instagram. This is a true point-and-click game -- In Ricktaverse, players click on photos of the literal Rick and Morty universe (the starting point is in space with a naked Santa) and tap the tags that pop up on each photo to be transported to a new area. There are secrets, collectibles and mini-games to find, each played out by tapping photos on Instagram. Find and follow the accounts of five Garblovian Bootleggers, for example, and they may post exclusive Rick and Morty clips in the future. Welcome to the golden age of user-driven advertising.

Adult Swim has invested heartily in the video game market, with a trippy VR experience, a hat-based partnership with Valve, and some silly games for Vita and PC. The company has even gotten into the Instagram game before with Rick and Morty, in 2014 offering entire episodes in 15-second chunks. And then there's Paul Robertson's Super Dino Boys, a series of adorable animated shorts done up in a retro side-scrolling style. Stay weird, Adult Swim.