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This Arduino Basic Kit has everything a newbie maker could ask for

This Arduino Basic Kit has everything a newbie maker could ask for
Sean Buckley
Sean Buckley|@seaniccus|July 28, 2015 11:31 PM

It's easy to think about tinkering around with Arduino, but take more than 30 seconds to look at the platform, and suddenly it becomes daunting: not only do you need an Arduino itself, but to get started you need resisters, wires, LEDs, screens and a host of other components that are almost always sold separately. Have no fear, newbies: there's a new Arduino Basic Kit in town, and it has all the spare parts a beginner could want.

There's quite a lot in the starter package -- from a mess of colorful LEDs, a wide assortment of buttons, sensors and potentiometers to motors, battery connectors and a ton of capacitors, diodes and resisters. The package even concludes a simple wooden case for your Arduino and a breadboard to test your projects out before you solder them together. Not sure what to build? You're covered there, too: the set comes with instructions for 15 projects, including mood testers, lamps, clocks and more. Not bad for $84.

Technically, the extras in the Arduino Basic Kit aren't anything a savvy consumer couldn't order piecemeal, but there's something nice about having everything ready for you in one place. If you've been thinking about tinkering with Arduino and don't know where to start, take a look -- the kit is available for order on Autodesk's 123D Circuits shop.

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This Arduino Basic Kit has everything a newbie maker could ask for