Genius' crowdsourced song annotations arrive on Android

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Mariella Moon
August 5th, 2015
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Genius, formerly known as crowdsourced song annotation service Rap Genius, has finally released an Android app, along with a redesigned website and iOS version. It's where music enthusiasts can read -- or write and upload -- the meanings, history and even hip hop feuds behind song lyrics as annotations. For instance, by clicking on a part of Meek Mill's new track Wanna Know, I found out that he was "clowning Drake for never having a real chance with Nicki [Minaj]." Unfortunately, Android users can neither add nor edit annotations yet, though a spokesperson told VentureBeat that those features will be available soon.

Genius now features a yellow header in both apps and on its website and has replaced its black background with a white one to make text more readable. If you're wondering, its name was changed because it's no longer exclusive to rap or even to music content -- it now hosts books and other texts. Just be careful what you look up if you don't want to accidentally come across a bunch of spoilers, such as which characters kick the bucket in Game of Thrones.
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