Uber comes to Liverpool and the entire Merseyside region

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Jamie Rigg
August 7th, 2015
Uber comes to Liverpool and the entire Merseyside region

While Uber's currently being scrutinised over its employment practices, and the UK's High Court closes in on a decision of whether the service is even operating legally in the capital, the ride-sharing firm has never been one to let drama slow it down. After its last major expansion into Bristol, Sheffield and several smaller towns in June, today Uber's bringing its ride-hailing service to Liverpool and the rest of the Merseyside region. Only the basic uberX vehicles are available in the area at launch, and Uber's offering the curious £15 off their first trip with the inventive 15OFFMERSEYSIDE promo code. Perfect timing if you're planning to go out out this weekend -- with a cheap cab on the cards, you needn't feel too guilty about having that "one final drink" and missing the last bus home.

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