Andy Serkis whispers about the devil in this live-action 'Volume' vid

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Volume isn't a movie, though it does feature a major film star, a popular YouTube personality and a BAFTA award-winning voice actor. Not bad for the sequel to Thomas was Alone, an adorable video game about basic shapes and friendship. Volume stars Andy Serkis (Gollum in The Lord of the Rings), Danny Wallace (the narrator in Thomas was Alone), and Charlie McDonnell (a long-time YouTube star with 2.4 million subscribers). It's a Robin Hood-inspired stealth game set in a technologically advanced future -- and it's out today, August 18th, for PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. It was supposed to hit Vita today as well, but that version has been delayed, creator Mike Bithell announced on his blog.

"Unfortunately, we unexpectedly had to make the decision to hold off on the Vita version for a couple weeks to get it where we want it," Bithell writes. "It's so very nearly ready, but it needs a little more love. A few personal problems and issues have slowed down our submittal, so even though the game is 'done' on Vita, we still have some QA process to go through (because that stuff matters)."

There's no launch window for the Vita version, but it sounds as if it's not too far off. Volume is a Cross-Buy game for PlayStation platforms, so anyone who buys it on PS4 will get it on Vita at no extra charge.

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