13 scientific breakthroughs inspired by nature

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Jon Turi
August 22nd, 2015
13 scientific breakthroughs inspired by nature

Biomimicry, the field of science that takes direct R&D cues from nature's own solutions, has provided us with breakthrough materials, inspired developments in robotic locomotion and informed new medical techniques. We've even gotten introspective and looked at our own biological functions in order to create useful technologies. We're bootstrapping our way into the future on the back of nature's hard work, and that's a good thing, so long as we tread cautiously without manufacturing our own obsolescence. Of the myriad advances, we've collected just a few that exhibit how nature's influence is helping us craft our own future.

Gallery: 13 scientific breakthroughs inspired by nature | 8 Photos

  • Bug eyes
  • Lobster vision
  • Getting a grip
  • Smooth and sanitary
  • Fiber optics from a sponge
  • Butterfly affectation
  • Fool me twice
  • Sticking to it
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