ICYMI: Gameroulette, 3D-glass printing and more

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ICYMI: Gameroulette, 3D-glass printing and more image
ICYMI: Gameroulette, 3D-glass printing and more image
ICYMI: Gameroulette, 3D-Glass Printing and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: An MIT group built a 3D printer that extrudes glass rather than plastic; they believe the technology could be used to make cheaper fiber optic cables. Chatroulette users were treated to a surprise live first-person shooter game that pitted them against creepy zombies. The rest of us totally missed out. A new tech-enabled bartending buddy would sync with its smartphone app and walk you through making the perfect cocktail: All for $39.

And we break down the biggest headlines of the week. Obviously there's the Ashley Madison hacking mess but more importantly, science is making diamonds! Are these two pieces of news linked, somehow?

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Finally, the housekeeping: I'm on vacation all next week, so please be kind to the fill-ins!

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