Verizon is still 'evaluating' support for Samsung Pay

We hope you weren't planning to use your Verizon-badged Galaxy S6 or Note 5 with Samsung Pay on September 28th... you might be disappointed. Big Red notes that it's still in the "process of evaluating" Samsung Pay while AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular have already pledged support. This doesn't rule out Verizon offering Samsung Pay on launch, but we wouldn't count on it given how carrier approval processes are seldom swift -- just ask anyone who waited months for a Verizon-ready Nexus 6.

It's worth noting that Verizon is unusually non-committal given its recent history with mobile payments. Remember, the network was quick to promise Android Pay support despite distant availability (around when Android Marshmallow is ready) and uncertain phone compatibility. This doesn't mean that Verizon is throwing all its weight behind one provider, but that reluctance is hard to ignore. It won't be surprising if the company eventually says no, for that matter. Verizon has rarely been a fan of Android payment systems that are dependent on proprietary hardware, as Google Wallet fans can attest. Samsung may have to bend over backwards to convince Verizon that its device-specific tech merits an exception to this rule.