Line's Android launcher swaps widgets for wabbits

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James Trew
September 1st, 2015
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Line's Android launcher swaps widgets for wabbits

For a while, it felt like Whatsapp and Line were bitter rivals in the mobile messaging war. The former had the user base (and later Facebook's clout), but Line offered a family of apps and features like stickers, games and more recently music streaming. Line continues to follow it's own path, by releasing an Android launcher. Now you can have Cony and Brown (you know who those are, right?) present in almost every corner of your phone's interface.

You might remember that Line already has Deco, but that's more of a selection of home screens. Line launcher, takes things up a notch, with themed widgets, icons and other utilities (cute-ilities?). These include useful things like a delightful rabbity battery-level indicator, and even spruces up such mundane things as a memory-management app. The launcher is free (but there's still lots of stickers you can buy), and is available to cute-up your phone now.
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