Comcast is charging its trial users extra to avoid data caps

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Steve Dent
September 2nd, 2015
Comcast is charging its trial users extra to avoid data caps

If you're participating in Comcast's capped broadband trials, you'll soon get a way to avoid usage limits, according to document spotted by DSL Reports. If you guessed "pay more money" as that solution, you can step up for your prize. The company has released a new FAQ for its trial Xfinity program in Florida, one of the regions where it's testing 300GB cap limits. A new "unlimited data option" will let users avoid any overage charges -- which normally run $10 for each 50GB of data -- by paying an extra $30 per month on top of the normal rates.

Comcast is testing capping in a number of markets, including cities in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine and Florida, but the $30 unlimited option is currently only available in select Florida markets. (Outside of the trial regions, Comcast data isn't capped.) The company claims it has no plans to extend capping nationwide, and merely refers to the data plans as a "flexible option" -- meaning, it's not limiting data if you're willing to pay more. The FCC might see things differently, though, and judging by the public's recent net neutrality complaints, it's not likely to stomach anything that increases already sky-high rates.
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