ICYMI: A super selfie, 'GTA' wildlife doc and more

ICYMI: A Super Selfie, GTA Wildlife Doc and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Australia's tourism board is winning the selfie game by offering a selfie that merges tourist's own selfies with the same scene, expanded, taken with a second camera. Land Rover is demoing a trailer concept system that allows drivers to see what's behind a trailer with a video feed. And Grand Theft Auto V fans cobbled together an amusing wildlife documentary from the game that is worth a watch.

Other news of the day includes Google's logo redesign and perhaps most importantly, the scientific discovery that ice cream will stay solid longer if a special protein is added to the mix. Scientists really had their eye on the prize on this one.

We also touch on the news that Waze has a new Stephen Colbert narration option, though personally, Colonel Sanders is the better option.

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