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Runtastic takes on Withings with 'Moment' analog fitness watch

Runtastic may have started as a training log app, but it soon progressed to putting its badge on running watches and accessories. The Orbit was possibly the company's most confident step into the world of wearables, and today it's making another with the "proper watch" Moment activity tracker. The Moment logs all the basics you'd expect from a fitness tracker: steps, distance, time active, calories burned and sleep patterns, along with a dial on the watch face showing progress towards your goal. Like Withings' Activité and Pop devices, the Moment's analog styling extends to running on a regular watch battery, so it won't need daily/weekly charging. This means no annoying ports, too, which helps keep things nice and sealed -- waterproof to 300 feet by Runtastic's reckoning.

If you're looking for differences between Withings' offering and The Moment, then it's maybe more about the number of options than the feature set. The Moment comes in two sizes, four different styles, with a selection of straps -- which improves on the two or three color options Withings offers. Though the Moment does sneak in a few more on-watch info (the progress dial is configurable, and there's LED feedback). Then there's the question of price. The Moment starts at $130 for the "Fun" edition, which is $20 under the Pop, but the more stylish Elite and Classic models will run you $180 (still some way off the Activité's $450). There's also the matter of personal preference (including that of which app you want to commit to using). Whether Adidas' recent acquisition of Runtastic means the Moment series will evolve, or get absorbed into the miCoach family remains to be seen. If you like what you see right now, though, you can snap one up today.