A closer look at that fancy new Hermes Apple Watch band

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It might not have been the most groundbreaking thing Apple announced today. In fact, I'd wager that new Apple Watch bands rank at the very bottom of the list, behind new iPhones, a refreshed Apple TV and a big-screen iPad Pro. (I'll let you all weigh in on how you'd rank the other three.) That said, this is a gadget blog, and what are we here for, if not to give you a healthy serving of gadget porn? Chief among the new bands is a leather one made by luxury brand Hermes, available in a "Single Tour" style for $1,100 (ouch) and a "Double Tour" version that wraps twice around your wrist for $1,250 (double ouch). Also pictured: matching Hermes watch faces, because of course. If that's a little outside your budget, Apple also unveiled new silicone "Sport" bands in a host of colors. There's really not much more to it than that -- we think our gallery of hands-on shots tells you all you need to know.

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