NASA's 4K channel gives you an excuse to buy a UHD TV

NASA Launches Craft To Study Earth's Magnetic Fields

NASA may have started posting UHD content on its YouTube page earlier this summer, but that's not where the agency's 4K aspirations stop. Today, NASA announced that it's teaming up with Harmonic to launch 4K content on NASA TV starting November 1st. The channel will not only serve up the latest high-resolution images and video from the ISS and other NASA missions, but "historical missions" will be remastered as well. Eager to watch? Harmonic is currently in talks with pay TV providers to broadcast the channel via cable, satellite and optical networks. It'll also stream over the web too, so long as you have a 13 MBps connection to handle all of those detailed visuals.

[Image credit: Aubrey Gemignani/NASA via Getty Images]