The BBC's Micro:bit computers won't reach kids until next year

As part of a wider initiative aimed at teaching children the basics of computing and programming, the BBC created the Micro:bit development board (with a little help from some high-profile partners). Unveiled in its final form this July after years in the making, the broadcaster had originally planned to send out the first batch of Micro:bits to teachers this month, before issuing one million of the things to Year 7 students across the country in October. The BBC has said today, however, that a problem with the power supply identified on a small number of the microcomputers means that timeline has been pushed back by a couple of months.

"As a result of our rigorous testing process, we've decided to make some minor revisions to the device -- getting it right for children and teachers before we manufacture one million units is our priority," a BBC spokesperson said. The new timetable will see the first Micro:bits reach teachers sometime before Christmas, while Years 7s will have to wait until "early in the new year" to see what homebrew projects they can cook up using the free, tricked-out microcomputers.