Peek behind the developers' curtain with 'SpyParty' slider images

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Jessica Conditt
September 23rd, 2015
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Peek behind the developers' curtain with 'SpyParty' slider images

Most 3D games don't begin life as gorgeous, fully animated, shaded and colored products. They start with concept art and placeholder images that allow developers to fine-tune the mechanics and build out a full experience. Sometimes, these placeholder characters are unrefined. Sometimes, they look like a weird hybrid between a Lego man and one of the original Sims. That's the case for SpyParty, an intense game of one-on-one stealth, misdirection and sharpshooting that's been in development for roughly eight years. And, looking at its original art, we do mean rough (though the OG characters are beloved by many early players). In a blog update, SpyParty creator Chris Hecker shows off how his game has changed since its placeholder days, in a set of images with sliders comparing old and new, fancy graphics provided by artist John Cimino.

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