Fox is bringing more than 100 movies to the Oculus VR Cinema

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Fox is bringing more than 100 movies to the Oculus VR Cinema

While gaming and other fully immersive experiences have already flourished on VR, at least one studios is jumping in with a way to watch movies on the big (small) screen. Fox confirmed today at the Oculus Connect 2 event that the company is bringing more than 100 of its movies to the Oculus Store at launch. You'll watch the movies in the Oculus VR Cinema app, where you can watch movies in 2D or 3D on a huge virtual screen (you can see what it looks like after the break). Movies that are coming include Alien, Birdman, Taken, Die Hard, Office Space and more.

These are not full VR experiences (although Fox's Innovation Lab is at work on a The Martian VR Experience), but can bring something like a movie theater to wherever you are, and even let friends watch together from anywhere. We're not ready to trade in our big-screen HDTVs (yet), but especially on a plane or in a hotel room, we could see using this to get away without going anywhere -- and an Oculus headset or Gear VR packs into a bag much better than our TVs do.

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