Kangaroo is a portable, phone-sized Windows 10 desktop

InFocus' Kangaroo PC

As convenient as a PC-on-a-stick may be, it's typically saddled with some major limits: you rarely have more than one port, and you always have to plug into a power source. InFocus (yes, the projector company) thinks it has a better idea, though. Its new Kangaroo PC gives you a battery-powered Windows 10 desktop that's about as small as a smartphone -- you can pull it out of your pocket, connect peripherals and start working for up to four hours. You can even connect to an iPad if you're bent on a completely portable setup. Also, InFocus takes a clever approach to expansion: there's an included dock with HDMI and two USB ports, and there are promises of more add-ons in the future.

The system isn't any more powerful than an entry-level laptop between the Atom x5 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage. However, you can also order one today from Newegg for $99. That's cheaper than some of its stick-based rivals, and it's arguably a better value overall if you're looking for a full-fledged computer.