HTC's quirky action camera drops to $50 (updated)

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Nick Summers
October 27, 2015 7:33 AM
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HTC's quirky action camera drops to $50 (updated)

When HTC launched the Re Camera last year, it was difficult to recommend. The image quality was pretty underwhelming, especially in comparison to GoPro's extensive lineup; when you can snap similar photos with your smartphone, that's a real problem. It could have worked, however, as a cheap throwaway action camera, but its $200 price-tag made it a difficult impulse purchase. Now, that's finally changing. The waterproof device has been slashed to $50 in the US, making it a fun, rugged little snapper for the great outdoors. Instead of putting your expensive phone in harm's way, you can strap this periscope-styled device to your bike, helmet or backpack. The photos and videos it produces aren't the best, but they should be good enough to share on social media. Given the company's financial woes, we suspect HTC won't be making a sequel anytime soon either.

Update: Alas, it seems this was a temporary deal. The price has now returned to $199 on HTC's site, but we'll let you know if and when it ever changes again.

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HTC's quirky action camera drops to $50 (updated)