Google swears it won't phase out Chrome OS

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Jon Fingas
November 2, 2015 2:26 PM
Google swears it won't phase out Chrome OS

That talk of Google merging Android and Chrome OS, effectively killing Chrome OS as you know it? Google would rather that you forget about all that. In a follow-up to its early rebuttal, the search firm acknowledges that it's working on ways to "bring together" the two platforms, but insists that there's "no plan to phase out" Chrome OS. The web-focused software is still popular in classrooms and offices, Google says, and there are plans to upgrade it with everything from a more substantial Material Design makeover to a new media player. There are "dozens" of Chromebooks launching in 2016, the company adds.

That's all good news if you were worried that Google would drop Chrome OS like a hot potato, although we wouldn't blame you if you're skeptical about its long-term future. Google isn't saying what's happening in 2017, when the rumored Android/Chrome OS merger takes place. It's hard to imagine the company spending years unifying its two platforms, but still pouring tons of energy into Chrome OS by its lonesome. The real litmus test is whether or not Google has this same answer in a couple of years, when it doesn't have to worry as much about assuaging customers and preserving sales.

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