Time Warner CEO: DC Comics shows could be slow to hit Netflix and Hulu

If you're waiting to catch up on Gotham or Arrow, the wait could get even longer. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes told analysts this week that past seasons of DC Comics television shows could be slow to arrive on Hulu and Netflix. Why? Well, the chief executive said that the company would give preference to cable customers first, making those older seasons available elsewhere several years after they air. In case you didn't know, Time Warner owns DC Comics. Bewkes explained that Time Warner is set on "delivering even more value to consumers, especially those who subscribe to the traditional bundle." Eight DC Comics shows are now on the air, including the recent addition of Supergirl on CBS.

Current seasons of some shows are available on Hulu, but you won't be able to start from the very beginning if you've procrastinated with your viewing habit. Netflix does offer some older episodes of certain shows, including the first seasons of both The Flash and Gotham that originally aired last year. Of course, Netflix is already cozy with Marvel as well. As the cord cutting trend continues, it'll be interesting to see how the content wars play out. Especially when it comes to content the cable companies own.

[Image credit: FOX via Getty Images]