Airbnb draws the wrath of French designer over decorating ideas

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Christopher Klimovski
November 16th, 2015
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Airbnb draws the wrath of French designer over decorating ideas

When you rent out your home through Airbnb, theft is probably one of a host's biggest concerns. What if a guest doesn't steal anything tangible, but copies your entire home decor? That's what Zoé de las Cases claims happened to her. She's a French interior designer who hosted Airbnb founder Brian Chesky four years ago and now has filed a lawsuit against (a very similarly decorated) Airbnb head office. It's a situation that could be laughed off as a complete coincidence, however the office seems to have replicas of very personal souvenirs and even images of Cases' grandmother up on its walls. She's upset because the company never asked her permission to replicate what is essentially a body of her work. And, of course, did not give her credit for the interior. We've reached out to Airbnb, but so for the company isn't commenting on the claims.

On the left is an image of Cases' apartment wallpaper and on the right is wallpaper in the Airbnb head office.

[Image credit: Airbnb/Zoé de las Cases]

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