New Balance unveils its first 3D-printed running shoe

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New Balance unveils its first 3D-printed running shoe

Following in the footsteps of sportswear rival Adidas, New Balance today introduced its own 3D-printed running shoe. Created in collaboration with 3DSystems, a company known for offering 3D printing tech, New Balance's sneaker features a 3D-printed midsole made from a newly developed elastomeric powder and DuraForm Flex TPU. By using said materials, New Balance says, the running shoe's bottom cushion will be able to provide an "optimal" balance of flexibility, durability, strength and weight -- which, in theory, should make them comfortable for runners, and that's important.

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The limited edition sneakers are expected to be shown off at CES 2016 in January, but they won't go on sale until the following April in Boston and, later, at select New Balance stores around the world. Unfortunately, there's no word on how much these are going to cost when they hit shelves next year.

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