Uber upgrades Windows app with Cortana, desktop support

Uber's new app will call a ride from your desktop.

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Uber upgrades Windows app with Cortana, desktop support

You can pick up your phone and call-in a car-on-demand anytime, but what if you're sitting at a desktop PC? Well, now you can do it there, too. Uber announced today that it used the Universal Windows Platform to port its app to full Windows 10 -- making it possible for customers to call cars from their laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

Sadly, the desktop version of the app can't stand alone: Uber says customers will still need to use their mobile device to complete a trip. (See update below.) At least the phone experience is getting an upgrade, too -- the new app adds Cortana voice commands ("Hey Cortana, get me an Uber to Central Park") and live tile support, letting Windows users see when their car is arriving without actually opening the app. Not good enough? Fine: Uber is giving away a free ride (a credit up to $20) to new users of the Windows app if they use the code MSFTWIN10 under the promotions tab. How's that for an update?

Update: According to an Uber representative, the new app works roughly the same as its apps on other platforms. Users will need a registered phone number with the service to request a ride, but all the steps can be completed within Windows 10.

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