Huawei wants to bring its Honor smartphones to the US

One of China's biggest phone brands could hit the US as soon as CES.

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Jon Fingas
December 14th, 2015
Huawei wants to bring its Honor smartphones to the US

Huawei wasn't kidding around when it talked about spreading its wings and launching more phones in Western markets. The Chinese mobile giant's George Zhao is teasing that it'll bring its Honor brand (and the accompanying devices) to the US, with an announcement due as soon as CES in early January. Just what you would see on this side of the Pacific isn't clear, but it's reasonable to presume that one or more of Honor's nicer smartphones would make it stateside.

Many Chinese phone companies don't make it to the US in the first place, let alone their sub-labels, but this move would make sense for Huawei. Although it does have a foothold in the American market, it's not exactly a household name -- the Google-badged Nexus 6P is as good as it gets. An Honor launch in the US could give Huawei access to customers who might otherwise be put off by 'strange' names and (possibly unwarranted) security fears.

[Image credit: Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan Times via Getty Images]

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