Hideo Kojima's first independent game is a PS4 exclusive

The announcement comes after a public falling out between the developer and former employer Konami.

Konami's loss is PlayStation's gain: Tonight Sony announced an exclusive collaboration with legendary game developer Hideo Kojima, the auteur responsible for the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders franchises. In the announcement video from PlayStation below, Kojima says that he's making a new franchise that'll be console-exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Sitting alongside him, PlayStation president Andrew House said that Sony will offer its "full support" on Kojima's new project. And really, aside from the shiny new Kojima Productions logo, that's about it in terms of details.

Considering that Kojima's been a free agent for all of approximately five minutes at this point, the lack of information shouldn't be much of a surprise following the very public departure from his last employer, Konami. Why Sony instead of Microsoft? Well, Kojima and the company go pretty far back. Metal Gear Solid was exclusive to the first PlayStation. Its sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, had the same deal on the PlayStation 2 and most recently, P.T. was only available on PlayStation 4.

Now the guessing games begin: Just what is this new project going to be like? Hit the comments below for your best idea.