These are the first third-party Windows Hello cameras

It's a password you will never forget

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Microsoft's Windows 10 computers have a log in feature called Windows Hello, where users are able to access their devices using facial recognition algorithms. On the downside, the feature was only available on newer devices with depth-sensing cameras built-in. That is, until eye-tracking company Tobii decided to change things up by offering support for the service with its standalone cameras.

The EyeX controller and Steel Series Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker are both depth-sensing cameras that are able to perform this highly secure login step. What's more, Tobii's enterprise products are also supporting Windows Hello, such as the newly announced IS4 software and the Tobii EyeChip. As The Verge noted, this means that in the near future, we may be seeing more Tobii products appear in other PC's and laptops in order to take full advantage of the Windows Hello service.