'Battlefield 4' hides an incredibly elaborate Easter egg

You'll need Morse code, good eyes and even an audio editor, but you'll get something special for your trouble.

You've probably seen some clever gaming Easter eggs in your day, but few of them are likely to be this... involved. Gamers playing Battlefield 4's new Dragon Valley map have discovered an Easter egg that requires a massive, multi-step sleuthing campaign to complete. How massive? Well, it starts with translating Belarusian Morse code and moves on to hidden objects, logic puzzles and audio editing. The kicker is that this isn't repeatable -- even if you pay close attention to the video below, you'll have to do some of the hard work yourself.

The effort might be worth it if you're a hardcore fan. Besides hearing nods to Battlefield fan videos, you'll unlock a special uniform that's otherwise available only to DICE's Los Angeles team. You'll be the talk of any server you play on, at least among in-the-know veterans. This isn't the first Battlefield Easter egg (creator Julian Manolov is known for them), but it might be the series' most legendary prize before long.