Unofficial Apple museum shows decades worth of gear

Visit the Apple Museum in Prague and you'll see the world's largest collection of Macs and iDevices.

Apple isn't about to open a museum any time soon, but that isn't stopping fans from making one of their own. Prague's newly opened Apple Museum showcases what's billed as the "biggest" private collection of Apple gear, ranging from some of the earliest systems to models you can find in stores today. The collection includes some relatively hard-to-find items, too, including the Lisa, the Twentieth Anniversary Mac and a Beatles Collector's Box (complete with iPod and rip-it-yourself CD library). The tributes to the company are over the top at times -- expect to see a lot of Steve Jobs quotes -- but it might be worth the trip if you're in town and have a penchant for Apple gear.

[Image credit: Apple Museum, Imgur]