House looks into claims the NSA spied on Congress

A House intelligence committee wants to know if the NSA eavesdropped on chats between Congress and advocacy groups.

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House looks into claims the NSA spied on Congress

You're not the only one concerned that the National Security Agency might be spying on Congress... Congress is, too. The House Intelligence Committee says it's investigating claims that the NSA monitored communications between members of Congress and Israeli leadership as they discussed the Iran nuclear agreement. The Committee not only wants a point-by-point verification of the Wall Street Journal's original report, but to find out whether or not the NSA was following the rules.

There's potential for trouble. While the White House reportedly didn't order the eavesdropping, it also didn't stop the activity when it found out. Moreover, this came after officials claimed that the US no longer snoops on NATO members' heads of state -- apparently, that courtesy doesn't extend to allies outside of the region. Even if any surveillance was completely above-board, it'll still raise questions about where and when the NSA is allowed to operate.

[Image credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite]

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