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Hear a new song from Hotline Miami 2's soundtrack


Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has quite the name to live up to; the developer's original 2012 twin stick shooter of the same name is well-regarded for its musical tastes alone. While we've spun Hotline Miami's soundtrack on Steam many times, electronic music artist Magic Sword recently provided a new jam to listen to called "The Way Home," and it happens to be part of Hotline Miami 2's soundtrack. Head past the break to hear the song, courtesy of Magic Sword's SoundCloud page.

Magic Sword told The Guardian that the musical duo was "excited to get involved with the sequel" by providing music for the game. "Hotline Miami has a lot in common with 80s movies like Thief and Blade Runner," the group said. "Movies like that and their synth-heavy soundtracks have always been big inspirations for us." Those that really dig the series' tunes can pick up a special collector's edition of Hotline Miami 2 that includes the games's soundtrack on vinyl, featuring music from artists such as El Huervo and Jasper Byrne. Following its October delay, Hotline Miami 2 is expected to launch early this year.
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