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Apple Pay: Now at 200,000 more locations for self-serve payments


You've probably never heard of USA Technologies, Inc., but today the company added about 200,000 new Apple Pay acceptance points around the country. The company has been building Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities into cashless payment products for the past ten years, and it was possible for USA Technologies to switch on the ability to take Apple Pay through remote updates.

USA Technologies specializes in payment systems for small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries. That means that starting today, you'll be able to use Apple Pay to make payments on self-serve coffee brewers, vending machines, a number of kiosks, self-service laundries, parking pay stations, and more.

While the vending machines probably won't have an Apple Pay sticker on them - at least today - you can look for ePort wireless payment capability. If you see that on the machine or kiosk, pull out your iPhone and give it a try. And buy me a Coke while you're at it, OK?

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