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Engadget's new buyer's guide picks: the Dell XPS 13, HP Stream 11 and more!


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It's been a while since we updated our buyer's guide -- nothing like a bunch of winter holidays and then CES to slow us down. Fortunately, we haven't stopped reviewing stuff in the meantime and indeed, there are several top-notch gadgets we'd like to induct into our gear guides. Starting with the laptop category, we're adding HP's Stream 11 "Chromebook killer" -- a great deal for just $199. Meanwhile, at the high-end, MSI's GT72 Dominator gaming notebook replaces the older GT70. Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook, which recently earned a near-perfect score of 90, was also a no-brainer.

As for tablets, we added the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact; it might be pricey at $500, but once Sony starts offering it at a discount (and we think it will), you'll be safe to pounce. Finally, though we haven't yet posted our reviews of Dell's Venue 8 7000 Android tablet or the Withings Activité Pop fitness tracker, we already know they belong on our shortlist. Find our buyer's guide here, and stay tuned for our full reviews of those last two products!

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