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JXE Streams: Blindly marching into PlayStation 4's 'Bloodborne'


Being an enormous fan of From Software, the truly insane studio behind PS4's new gothic role-playing game Bloodborne, I imported Demon's Souls from Hong Kong back in 2009. No one knew anything about it at that point, but I learned quick: the game is vicious, cruel and devoid of altruistic design. It punished me repeatedly, so when Dark Souls and Dark Souls II cemented the series as a deep, dark well of mystery that will never help you, I gave up. Now that successor Bloodborne has arrived, I'm ready to try again. Join me as I blindly embrace its brutality for the first time on today's stream.

Tune into, or right in this post for a two-hour stream of Bloodborne starting at 3PM ET. Want to laugh at a newbie dying repeatedly? Want to ask about how the game feels if you've never played before? We'll cover that and more.

Follow us on Twitch to know whenever we go live and bookmark to take a look at our upcoming streams!

[We're playing a digital copy of Bloodborne on PlayStation 4 streamed through an Elgato Capture HD via OBS at 720p.]

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