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BSXinsight's calf-worn workout intensity sensor is now available


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When you're doing an exercise upon yourself, your body generates lactic acid, the levels of which are considered to be the most accurate way to measure your performance during a workout. Unfortunately, you can only test lactate levels with a blood test and some heavy duty equipment, at least, that was the case until now. Kickstarter success BSXinsight is now beginning to ship its wearable sensor that's designed to provide the same information just by scanning your blood vessels.

The slender hardware slots into a stretchy band that's worn around your calf, with the sensors pushed tightly to your skin. The technology is designed to optically read the oxygenation level of your blood and calculate your lactate levels from there. We've already seen other devices use a similar idea for other calculations, most notably HealBe's GoBe "calorie counting" wristband -- with varying degrees of success. We've not yet had chance to determine how accurate the system is, but fitness expert DC Rainmaker feels that the platform is "solid."

You'll recharge and sync the hardware via a desktop dock, but can also connect it, over Bluetooth 4.0, to both your smartphone and ANT+ heart-rate monitors for more accurate analysis. Rest assured, we're going to be delving deep into the BSXinsight's hardware and ability over the next few weeks. If, however, you already feel able to take the plunge, then you can buy the hardware from today. It's available in three versions: Running, Cycling or Multisport, worth $299.99, $369.99 and $419.99, respectively.

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