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Solar-powered grill cooks your food no matter the weather


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However much you may like grilling food on a warm day, you probably don't like dealing with gas tanks or other typical grill hassles... and most solar cookers won't help much if it's overcast outside. The upcoming GoSun Grill might be a smarter way to handle those backyard shindigs, however. It can bake, boil and roast meals for eight people using a sunlight-powered thermal battery that will keep cooking no matter how gloomy it gets outside. Yes, you can have some grilled chicken at the beach even if it starts raining. The reflector-based system also doesn't require you to flip your food, and it shouldn't dry out your moister meats and veggies.

Like the idea? GoSun is crowdfunding the grill, and you'll need to pledge between $349 to $599 to get a unit of your own depending on how quickly you act and whether you want extras like a stand. The project has already blown past its funding target as we write this, so you'll likely get the grill in July -- just in time for those summer get-togethers.

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