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Logitech attempts an image makeover


When someone says "Logitech," we're sure the first things that pop into your head are boring computer mice (zzz), keyboards (zzzzz) and other peripherals (snore). Well, the company's likely attempting to look more in vogue, especially to the younger crowd, because it's reinventing itself with a new logo and an overall more colorful design. It's also launching a new label for its latest categories (probably including its non-computer accessories) called "Logi." Unfortunately, the company hasn't revealed more details besides the "Logi" name, but we're sure you'll be seeing products under the new label soon enough. Any brand can benefit from having a distinct personality -- just look at Apple and how easy it is to identify its products -- so it's easy to see why Logitech wants to be more memorable. Only time can tell, though, if this makeover can make an impact.

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