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JXE Streams: Things get wild in 'Life is Strange' ep. 3


Life is Strange is an emotive sort of time-travel tale, starring angsty teenagers, viral videos and friendships tested again and again. The game stars Max, a high school girl who returns to her hometown to find a lot of things have changed, including her former best friend, Chloe, who is now rebellious, cold and searching for a missing girl. Blackwell Academy, their school, is packed with political drama and ominous happenings, and the tepid Northeastern weather starts shifting in odd, extreme ways. Oh, and Max can reverse time. You know, normal high school things. We dive into Episode 3: Chaos Theory live at 3:30PM ET (12:30PM PT) right here, on or on the Engaget Gaming homepage.

JXE Streams: 'Life Is Strange' Episode 3

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