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Summer is watching people beat games ridiculously fast for charity


Video game speedruns are always impressive feats of memorization, skill and flawless gameplay -- but twice a year they're also a conduit for altruism. Next week is one of those times. Starting on July 26th, Summer Games Done Quick will kick off seven full days of Twitch-streamed speedrunning. The goal? Raise as much cash as possible for Doctors Without Borders and have a ridiculously good time.

The event is always fun, and it's getting more successful each year. At the Games Done Quick January event, the group raised over a million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Want to get in on the fun (and charity)? Check out the Twitch stream below and take a look at the event's schedule: over the course of the next week, GDQ's speedrunners will be making short work of all your favorite franchises, including more than half a dozen Mario and Sonic games (each!), two Resident Evil games, six Legend of Zelda games, a ton of Mega Man titles and dozens of other games spanning the last 25 years.

Check it out, join in and have some fun -- there are even raffle drawings and a ton of prizes, including a 500GB PlayStation 4, action figures, classic games and more. The fun starts at 1 PM, EST this Sunday.

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