Here's a look at what's inside the Sony PlayStation 4 retail box (video)

With the PlayStation 4 launch just days away, we finally have a retail unit in-house here at Engadget to show you. And, no, we will not be presenting it to you through the power of a Daft Punk parody. What you will find in our unboxing video, however, is a clear look at the final packaging for the 500GB Jet Black system, as well as the PlayStation 4 Eye camera that's sold separately.

If you've been faithfully following gaming news all year, then you won't find many surprises inside the PS4 box. There's just a mono headset, AC power cord, micro-USB cable and DualShock 4 controller to accompany the system. Oh, and Sony has thankfully included a pack-in HDMI cable this time around, so you won't have to beg, borrow or buy a new one. It's like Christmas in November for gaming nerds (and it probably won't happen for another seven to ten years), so you best soak in the newness of the next-gen while it lasts. Go on now -- the full unboxing awaits you after the break.