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Don't like your mobile carrier? Ofcom wants to help you switch

Matt Brian, @m4tt

When your contract is up and you're toying with switching to another carrier, the hassle of porting over your number might stop you from actually following through. UK communications regulator Ofcom realises that, so today it's outlining plans to improve mobile switching by putting the onus back on the carrier. As part of its consultation, the watchdog is taking feedback on whether it should force operators to scrap PAC codes and remove the need for consumers to initiate the switch, exactly like it's now doing with broadband contracts.

Ofcom says the new process will help customers who worry that carriers will try to convince them to stay with special retention deals, but also minimise breaks in service and the chances of double-billing. With that in mind, its currently in talks with the UK's major operators to draw up the technical details of implementing such a system. Right now, Ofcom's consultation is firmly in the planning stage and interested parties have until October 6th to voice their support (or concerns) ahead of a final decision in Spring 2016.

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